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reLink Medical

reLink Medical offers the industry’s most holistic and efficient solution for the disposition of excess medical assets. In the evolving world of hospital mergers and healthcare changes, there is an ever-increasing need for facilities to implement a universal and repeatable process for the disposition of any obsolete, excess, or out-of-service medical equipment. With over 100 years of combined medical equipment management and eCommerce experience, reLink provides a simple, customizable solution that works.

O’Brien Wholesale Inc.

O’Brien Wholesale Inc. is an industry leading medical device disposition solution for hospitals and government facilities. OWI specializes in the wholesale supply of used medical and laboratory equipment to vendors worldwide via multiple liquidation and online buying channels. O’Brien’s clients benefit from well-developed channels dedicated to purchasing used medical equipment.

Checkpoint Surgical

Each year millions of surgeries are performed that carry significant risk of intraoperative nerve injury or require precise nerve exploration and repair. The standard of care across surgical specialties encourages surgeons to actively identify and protect nerves during surgery. Checkpoint Surgical’s mission is to advance the practice of neuroprotective surgery by providing surgeons with state-of-the-art technology to safely and cost-effectively help protect and repair nerves intraoperatively.

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